Includes: Distractions Vintage Tee, Distractions Vinyl Record, and Distractions Sticker.


Distractions Vintage Tee: Distractions vintage design printed on the front of a 100% cotton unisex tee.


Distractions Vinyl Record:

Side A

1. The Genesis

2. Distractions

3. Dreams

4. Or Die Trying, Pt. 2 (feat. SALEM)

5. 11:47 (Interlude)

6. Die 4 U

Side B

7. Russell's Track

8. Tell Me Why I'm Waiting

9. Green (feat. Numbers Game)

10. The Vicious Circle (feat. Alan Watts)

11. Never Can Say Goodbye (feat. Russell Groovy)


11 songs, 26 min.

Released February 14, 2019.


Distractions Sticker: Black 4x4-inch Distractions sticker with a transparent square background.



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